Crab Cake Hotline - 115 E 17th Ave North Wildwood, NJ 08260

Crab Cake Hotline

Adress: 115 E 17th Ave North Wildwood, NJ 08260

Phone: 609-523-2400



Andy C.

Giving them a 5 stars because I don't want to hurt anyone's business, but we have been customers for years and they are using more filler every year.Last night was no exception.Think we are done.


Julianne M.

Really wish I lived closer to this place, I'd be a regular!The food is phenomenal. Of course you have to try the namesake crab cakes, packed with fresh delicious crab meat and a bit of the most flavorful filling. With the baked potato & coleslaw (which are both stand out) it's a fantastic meal.Jersey is known for it's tomatoes, so I highly recommend going for the stewed tomatoes which are a REAL treat, or the tomato salad which was very fresh and delicious as well.If you leave without a slice of the key lime pie, you're making a huge mistake! Absolutely the grand finale. Every bite in this establishment was perfect.Inside there are a few tables so you can eat there, but a lot of people were coming in for takeout. I like the kitschy decorations, popcorn maker, and free street parking.Owner came up to ask us how we were doing, thanks so much for a perfect experience.


Carly L.

The pros: the crab cake really is spectacular. It's moist and flaky, and about the size of a burger. The scallops were also good (although not as good as the crab cake), drenched in lemon butter. The service was also friendly. The soup was okay. Definitely do not get the chicken bites; they were pretty much just frozen chicken nuggets that you can get at the grocery store and were super dry. They didn't have any condiments. We also asked for a cup of tap water and they said no, even though a there was a stack of cups right on the counter in front of them and I just always think it's stingy when restaurants do that. Overall, if you love crab cakes, come and grab one but definitely do not get anything other than that!


Donata N.

This has become a tradition for us. Every summer we have CCH for our last dinner of vacation. This year was no different. One cake platters are the way to go. The plump no filler broiled cake comes with a sea salt baked potato and a small container of homemade coleslaw. The potato is good but the coleslaw is the star of the side show. Studded with celery seed and what appears to be fresh jalapeno peppers.I personally preferred their old location to the one they are in now but the food is still the same great quality with Mary Ann and Vince running the show.Hands down the best cakes in Wildwood at a great price. The only thing is its a cash only gig!


Ariona H.

The best crab cakes I had to date. There are barely any fillers in them and the prices are reasonable. The owner is in the shop any time that I go there and is extremely appreciative of all business. There are a few tables with chairs for inside dining. There is meter parking outside and is usually not a hard time to find parking. On a bad day you may need to park around the corner. All sandwiches come with coleslaw (delicious), a lemon wedge and a side of cocktail sauce. I had a fish sandwich and it was delectable but no comparison to the crab cake. There are bottles of soda available for purchase. If you enjoy small businesses, crab cakes, friendly owners and amazing food- make a stop!


Katie R.

This spot is full of charm, flavor, and personality. Everyone who works here is so friendly, kind, and fun to chat with. I absolutely loved their crab soup, chicken bites, Mac n cheese and coleslaw! Their crab cake is the freshest lightest sandwich I've found in wildwood, and that's exactly what I've been looking for. So many other crab cakes in wildwood are heavy or greasy, not here! Also, get the key lime pie! It's soooOoooo worth it! I know I'll be back soon!


May M.

I am so glad I stopped by here before coming back to New York.  Seriously, the best new england clam chowder I have ever had, hands down.  Not to mention the best customer service.  Vince was amazing, its like having a comedian while you eat.  I was laughing and enjoying myself while eating delicious food.  Be sure to get the crab cake, new england clam chowder, and key lime pie! Perfectly seasoned and so good, I can't wait to come back.


Brooke Y.

The food is delicious. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the owner is a snarky little man, and he really needs to work on his customer service skills. I don't care if you're from jersey or NY or philly, when you represent a business you have to know how to talk to people. Don't be snarky or condescending. In the end he tried to make it right by serving us our food, and I would def go back, but the saying is true that people don't forget how u make them feel. The CrabCake sandwich and coleslaw was prob the best I've ever had, and my friend really enjoyed her scallops and baked potato.


Maureen F.

Fabulous crab cakes and key lime pie. It's a small place because it's mostly take out. Also, it's cash only.


Danielle S.

Omg amazing. We had the crab cake sandwiches. So delicious. Real lump crab and very little filler. The staff was also super nice. Best crab cake ever


Doug N.

Ridiculous. Amazing seafood, charming staff, byob tables if you eat in. The crab cakes & scallops were amazing. Even the tomato salad was great. Lur new best seafood stop in the Wildwoods.


Bob F.

Crabcake loaded with meat. Coleslaw was ok. Backed potato was huge. Covered lightly with salt. Key Lime pie was a wonderful dessert. BYOB.  Cash only but atm machine by the counter. Lots of pickup orders


John K.

Amazing Jersey Style crab cake. This is the place. Simple menu, simple food and very well done. Don't skip this stop folks !!!Will be back. They are pet friendly too


Dawn O.

Vince & Bob know how to do it! BEST crab cake, sea salt potato, coleslaw, & key lime pie HANDS DOWN! Service & quality is superior to even the finest dining experiences. Your dreams of fresh flavorful deliciousness come true at the Crab Cake Hotline


Buffi H.

Call ahead and your order will be ready at the time you want!  The crab cakes are great, but don't miss the blackboard specials which are over the top delicious. There are a few tables inside, so you can bring a bottle of wine and eat in. They also welcome your fur friends and have treats for them. Their baked potatoes compliment the awesome crab cakes perfectly as does the cole slaw.


Melanie C.

Best place in wildwood hands down. To get a crabcake like this in New Jersey unheard of! I dont eat coleslaw but I ate it here and Loved it! If you leave here without key lime pie you've made a serious mistake. The owners are welcoming and totally great guys. In one day crab cake hotline became my new place to go when in wildwood.


Amber E.

Came to vacation and desired some real seafood for dinner. Based on the wonderful reviews, I decided on this place. I noticed the bar next to it first, then a barber shop and crab cake door. I almost went into the barber shop lol. They are both red. I walked in and directly in front of me, behind a counter, was a man. He asked me if there was anything he could help me with and I was like yeah sure I'm not sure what I'm going to get exactly and he's like well here's a a condescending voice... and it was weird because I was thinking about getting the twin crab cakes but I wasn't sure and I was hoping that He'd conversate with me so that I could figure out what would work best for me but instead he's just like, if you need to know what you want there's a menu right there.... like look at it... and so im like well I'll just grab a menu and make sure of what I want then I said what what are your specials... he's like on the board .... im like uhm ok, since he won't tell me verbally...  where are they?, and he's like they're on the board RIGHT OVER THERE and they were outside right before you came in... I'll be honest I was literally about to walk out I was getting really upset at the way he was talking to me. Since I really didn't want to deal with the uncomfortableness anymore I just decided to order the dual crab cakes. Also got new England chowder too. I wish he would have been nicer to me to talk to me and tell me that one crab cake meal is actually a lot of food... but instead I just got talked to condescendingly... the coleslaw was really good it was very very similar to the Allrecipes sweet restaurant slaw that I love making... the baked potato was just barely cooked all the way...and crab cakes I got were tasty and my bf's flounder crab cake ring was also very good. The lady that was behind the counter with the owner seemed only slightly nicer but they both were like giving me strange eyes the whole time I was ordering and beforehand which wasn't very pleasant. First-timers beware this seems to be more of a place for the frequenters. You are expected to know what you want when you come up to the counter. They do have your food ready at the time they tell you. Shame because a nice attitude is free to have but can cost your business in the long run! Food is good. My advice, be more kind and helpful to your customers. The owner should be more aware of his attitude.


Peter M.

Dinner AND a show!  Vince delivers the goods with puns and popcorn!  CrabCakes were extraordinary.  Scallops were perfect.   If I could give six stars, I would!


Kedar K.

What a lovely little place with warm friendly owners .. the crab cakes are absolutely truly to die for .. no breading .. sweet .. !! They are THE BEST crab cakes I have ever eaten ! Couple the meal with coleslaw and salty baked potato and you are in culinary heaven !! Must visit place when one is in the area .. you can thank me later


Joe B.

Crab cakes are one of my favorite foods hands down. That being said, I was anticipating an amazing meal based on the reviews I had read. The group gave them a good rating and honestly they were okay. I just wasn't blown away. I also thought mine could've been cooked a pinch more. I would  like to bring them home and bake them myself next time.

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