Chocolate express lollipop 2 package oreo 3 cases Nutella 2 shocks of shock white Sequins of sugars deco Mix the oreo finely Add Nutella and mix to make a homogeneous Pate Form dumplings Melt 2 white chocolate bars ...

Express lollipop all chocolate

Chocolate Express Lollipop
2 package oreo
3 cases Nutella
2 shelves of white shock
Sequins of sugars deco
Mix the oreo finement
Add Nutella and mixer to make a homogeneous Pate
Form dumplings
Melt 2 galak white chocolate bars
Dip the tips of the sticks into the melted chocolate and stick in the lollipops
Freeze 15min so that the balls harden
Dip in melted white chocolate and when it begins to freeze marbles colors of decos
Let harden and taste
Fill a jar of sugar decor or other heavy to prick lollipops and present them

 All-chocolate express pacifier
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